LORENZO BAGERO is a 28-year-old Mauritian artist, he started at 17 as an international model, with collaborations with the biggest brands like Valentino, Richard Valentine, Saint Owen, boohoo Man, Nike, Levis and many others. .

Covers of fashion magazines like Grazia, Jesus’ magazine, Blogg Magazine Russia, represented by famous modeling agencies who represented the artist like: select models, Wilhelmina, LA Models, sight management, Premiers models who represented Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and many other celebrities.

LORENZO BAGERO has made history in the world of fashion with his atypical face, his tattoos, and his rock n roll style and above all his imposing personality, we often see him invited to fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Paris, London where he is an influential figure who knew how to bring fashion and music together.

He developed modeling agencies in Canada and Spain, he signed models in the biggest agencies like actors in Hollywood or for Netflix, Paramount, he was also the agent of the famous woman Reggaeton singer NICKY JAM, he was able to connect the world of fashion with that of music which made him a Visionary businessman.

LORENZO BAGERO does not stop there, he attacked the art market 2 years ago with atypical works by young painters that he exhibited in famous galleries in Paris, New York, Seoul, it increased the artist’s rating and was able to sell the works at incredible prices! he was interviewed by a famous French philosopher & anthropologist journalist who interviewed famous politicians, businessmen, and great French legends, an interview that talks about art and philosophy and the life of LORENZO BAGERO and his addictions, of his disappointments and his philosophy of life, of his vision to undertake and his determination

Far from the clichés of the always classy, ​​elegant businessman

LORENZO BAGERO is more of a rock n roll businessman who has no interest in beautiful things who remains faithful to himself, he likes simplicity, he proclaims it in the interview “I am not no need to be dressed like a millionaire, I remain myself Rock n roll, I managed to break the fashion codes I would succeed in breaking the business codes I am ATYPICAL “

LORENZO BAGERO in philosophy, who would have thought it!

LORENZO BAGERO who has always been passionate about music, rocked by a childhood in music like Elvis Presley, Scorpion, Lenny Kravitz and many other legends.

He decides to produce a music album.

DARK LAND which talks about his old demons and the highlights of his life, he therefore composed the whole album, and he invited great prestigious singers to add their voices. In the project of

LORENZO BAGERO we are going to hear Latin, Afro, House sounds that will make us dream!

Besides that, LORENZO BAGERO this product as DJ in famous places! During Paris Fashion Week he did a show at the LUTETIA Palace Hotel, he continues with shows in Germany, Poland, Spain in his universe which transports people around the world.

LORENZO BAGERO remains a talented businessman and above all a lover of music with his career as a DJ & PRODUCER, but above all an important business man who has been able to develop numerous projects in various sectors of activity and throughout the world in passing through the United States, Colombia, Russia, Japan, England,

At only 28 years old LORENZO BAGERO has made a name in the industry with his incredible vision of the industry

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