LORENZO BAGERO – the intimate interview

After several appearances in our magazine, we have the pleasure of interviewing the famous businessman & Artist LORENZO BAGERO, this rock n roll artist will go into the details of his professional as well as personal life, let’s discover this together.

Hello LORENZO BAGERO, can you introduce yourself to our audience? My name is LORENZO BAGERO I am from Mauritius; I am 28 years old I am a businessman and DJ & Producer”.

How could you summarize your career as a professional model? You started young as we know, could you tell us more? “First of all, I would like to point out that I was an MMA fighter & boxer, it was my passion, my escape, I was also European champion in my category. I have never been afraid to go and fight even if I come home with a disfigured face, this discipline taught me to never give up, and to fight in my life for my professional as well as my private life, I do not part of its people who give up, I’m part of those who go all the way to achieve their goal! Fashion fell on me when I lived on the street in Paris, I had no stability, I spent 1 year living outside, all starting at 27 avenue de l’opera in Paris, there was a center of case I always sit in front because there was an air vent which gave a little heat, several times Americans came in. and look at me and one day one of them called me and told me that I had this atypical face to be a model, I seized the opportunity and I applied to all the European agencies and I took some categorical refusal, no agency will give me a chance! so my mental strength with my journey and what I experienced gave me the desire to fight to prove to myself that I was capable of doing it! I worked as a cleaner in Paris to be able to go to New York to get started, getting there it wasn’t easy but I asserted myself I had an anecdote on it during the Calvin Klein casting I looked at the team I told them “I don’t have a physique as sexy as the Calvin Klein models but I have a face and a charisma that makes me unique!!!! “My perseverance to walk, I signed for the Calvin Klein campaign, after the diffusion all the visionary American agencies my contact, I signed with Wilhelmina Models one of the biggest agencies in the world, I therefore democratized the atypical profile in the industry, and I became the world’s first tattooed bad boy model.

Your journey is incredible, as everything is possible! tell us more about the continuity of your modeling career? how was your life? “Overnight, offers were falling everywhere, I saw my social networks go from 300 subscribers to 1 million! I knew this celebrity where people recognized you, messages, the phone ringing every moment, the evenings with the biggest celebrities, a lot of people were around me, I was doing campaigns for famous world brands, magazine cover, signed with a prestigious modeling agency, I worked with incredible people who taught me a lot, I traveled the whole world, a rock n roll life, I was in a fairy world, I had everything to be happy money, fame, a top model as a girlfriend, and lots of friends! a life that every 20 year old would love to have ! Who does not dream of a life where you are called and told you are going to Los Angeles for 4 days for this campaign, then you go to Paris for an interview, and you go back to Milan for an editorial all this while earning money What more did you want?”.

Indeed this life is incredible, you have some good memories, can we talk about the bad ones…? “I loved this life but I forgot the basics of life, I lived only for my work, until the day I was very bad I had this impression of having nothing while I had everything, I felt alone and I started to be depressed, and the biggest lesson was that the “friends” who were present at my side were the first to stick my nose into the addictions, following that I continued without stopping and I fell completely crazy, I lost my apartment, my furniture and my girlfriend at the same time, and it’s incredible a friend who was a family had disappeared, all I have left is my mother who came looking for me is my help to get out of all this addiction, it’s anxiety, this depression thanks to courage, I managed to get out of all that to set out again to conquer my kingdom. I had to go through this to open my eyes to life”.

Your strength is incredible, you have experienced powerful things! what was the re-entry into industry like? “To be honest with you I was interviewed by JESUS magazine with Olivier Giroud the football player, I all said in the interview, when the magazine came out, I was happy a chapter that closed is I learned a lesson from life. I returned to fashion but in a different way this time if I was interested in everyone without saying it! I looked at everything in the industry to understand how to all work, to build this time if my empire of my own, I did the same with music, I connected big singers in fashion and I entered the world. middle of music, I worked with the singer NICKY JAM and his wife also I placed them in fashion, and from there I had all the doors that opened to me in fashion / music / art as a businessman! I was disciplined, I wanted to achieve this goal and I work every day to continue to make it grow”.

An incredible professional transition for LORENZO BAGERO! and today what does your work boil down to? “I am a businessman in various sectors of activity, and alongside DJ & PRODUCER, because I keep an incredible love for music, and the shows allow me to discover my universe to the general public.I’m still rock n roll of course but today I’m an intelligent bad boy who knows how to differentiate good things from bad, the goal of life is not to reproduce it’s an old mistake, but to learn a lesson from it. This is why the young model has simply become a responsible man”.

You tell us about this new life can you tell us about LORENZO BAGERO now what kind of man and you?  “I’m crazy! I’m having a blast in my life, I have my loved ones with me who are human with whom we work, my manager & business partner who guides me and every day is a blessing, I opened my eyes to nature, I love nature, walk with my animals, I like doing yoga, I became very spiritual, and I am at peace with myself, that was the remedy that replaced my addictions, being happy! work-wise I like doing business, I’m not a businessman in a suit I stay rock n roll I keep my identity it’s important, and musically I produce incredible things with musical geniuses, and on stage I love the public, being able to transport them through my music is magical…”.

Where do you find this inspiration? “In my life, my emotions, what I live in my past and especially as a child I was made to listen a lot to Elvis Presley, Lenny Kravitz, Scorpions and many others so I have a fairly large musical catalog”.

Can we talk about love? “Love… I was in a relationship for 5 years, a very beautiful relationship which gave me a lot and taught me a lot, we experienced something real!
Love for me is not just a simple relationship, it’s an exchange of souls, it’s supporting each other in the hardest moments, holding hands despite the storms of life, that’s what discover at every moment, and above all be responsible and live in a bubble of love where nothing stops us, show loyalty, and honesty, love is an incredible feeling when you hold it in your hand you have to fight to keep it because nothing is acquired in life, our generation has the habit of giving up at the first problem, or of leaving doors open, that’s not love, real love is the one until ‘to death . this is my vision of love…”.

This is an impression of your way of thinking, what is your biggest dream? “To find a family with a love with my one who will share my life, to see our children grow up and live far from all this problem that the world lives, but above all to see in the eyes of my wife and my children the happiness and the pride, to this moment I would be a fulfilled man!”.

Will LORENZO BAGERO always remain a rockstar? “I will remain all my life this young boy who fought to succeed, who experienced difficult times, but who also experienced the best, I will always remain a rockstar LORENZO BAGERO will never stop!”.

Would you like to add something to finish?
“Thank you for this interview”.

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