Tiffany Brown Designs at paris fashion show

Tiffany Brown Fashion Show Paris 1 sept 2016

Tiffany Brown Fashion Show Paris 1 sept 2016

Abbiamo il piacere di presentare ai lettori di Nonsolomodanews l’articolo e le foto che la nostra inviata di eccezione Valentina Zolli ha realizzato durante la sfilata della fashion designer americana Tiffany Brown.

We have the pleasure to introduce to the readers Nonsolomodanews the article and photos that our special correspondent Valentina Zolli  made during the show of the american fashion designer Tiffany Brown.

Hotel Palais Maillot Paris, Dopo qualche minuto di suspance, nell’elegantissima cornice dell’hotel del nono arrondissement, il défilé della stilista americana Tiffany Brown ha inizio. Ad ammirare la nuova collezione dell’artista, trovo davanti a me un pubblico caleidoscopico: esperti e curiosi da ogni parte del mondo. Di colpo, senza alcun annuncio né presentazione, esce la prima modella. La collezione si presenta interamente sui toni del beige, bianco e rosa pallido; tuttavia il vero protagonista resta il color cammello. Sebbene i colori siano basici e neutri, il taglio e le forme degli abiti donano loro un’eleganza senza tempo. La creatrice riprende semplici capi passe-par-tout di un qualsiasi guardaroba femminile rivisitandoli in chiave moderna, estremamente chic! La collezione si adatta perfettamente a varie fasce d’età, apprezzata dalle più giovani e dalle più vintage. Gli abiti più semplici sono arricchiti da copricapi, che vanno ad aggiungere stile e mistero all’intero look. I tessuti invece passano dai più spessi e rigidi per le giacche, ai più fluidi e morbidi per le gonne, a volte lunghe fino a terra, per le più romantiche! Lo splendido show non dura che qualche decina di minuti, al termine dei quali Tiffany ringrazia emozionata il suo pubblico, per poi dedicarsi a foto ed interviste offrendo a tutti immensi sorrisi


Hotel Palais Maillot Paris, after a few minutes of suspense, in the very elegant setting of the hotel in the ninth district, the fashion show of the American fashion designer Tiffany Brown begins. To admire the new collection of the artist, I find before me a kaleidoscopic audience: experts and curious people from all over the world. Suddenly, without any announcement or presentation, comes the first model. The collection is presented entirely in shades of beige, white and pale pink; However, the real star is the camel color. Although the colors are basic and neutral, cutting and shapes of the clothes give them a timeless elegance. The creative resumes simple garments passe-par-tout for any woman’s wardrobe revisited in a modern, very chic! The collection is perfectly suited to various age groups, popular with younger people and the more vintage. The simplest dresses are embellished with headgear, ranging to add style and mystery to the whole look. The fabrics instead choosen from thick and rigid for the jackets, the more fluid and soft for skirts, sometimes long to the ground, for the most romantic! The splendid show only lasts about ten minutes, after which Tiffany thanked excited the audience, and later dedicated to photos and interviews giving all huge smiles



About the Company

TIFFANY BROWN LTD was founded in 2008 in an small boutique in Midtown Atlanta. When it comes to fashion, women’s clothes usually do not compromise with the prices; in fact sometimes the more expensive it is, the simpler the design or the pattern would be or the more wanted the item is simply due to the price. Women’s fashion clothing is one of the most popular selling types of clothing in the world, and it is a consistently growing industry. TIFFANY BROWN LTD was re-launched as TIFFANY BROWN Designs in June 2013.
TIFFANY BROWN US Design house that offers timeless styles and sizes in an affordable price for 21-44 age demographic. All items are sketched and created by Tiffany Brown.
TIFFANY BROWN Designs carries her private labeled products that are unique to the global market. Part of the excitement of shopping at Tiffany Brown LTD will be that our customers will find merchandise that they will not find anywhere else.
The quality of the products will be evident in the fabric, structure and design. Tiffany Brown LTD’s knowledgeable staff will educate our customers on unfamiliar brands that offer design elements and fit to which they have not previously been exposed. The depth of brands will enable Tiffany Brown LTD to show our customers what will work best for them in terms of size, style, fit, design, fabric and price.
Our mission at Tiffany Brown is to give the discriminating clothing shopper what she is looking for, whether it be fit, comfort or style, in an atmosphere that is comfortable, exciting and satisfying.

About Designer Tiffany Brown

Dr. Tiffany Brown is no stranger to hard work and putting forth a strong effort to create success. The native of Atlanta has taken great pride in her education and strives to continue broadening her knowledge. Graduating with a degree in Political Science from the prestigious Spelman College in 2001, a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Clark Atlanta in 2004 and also a Doctorate in Public Policy from Walden University in 2009, Dr. Brown earned these achievements through determination and the desire to achieve her goals.
She has held positions with the United States Government Accountability Office, Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, Georgia Law Center for the Homeless, Georgia Conservation Voters, Supreme Court of Georgia, Equifax, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and Atlanta Bar Association. Upon Graduation from Walden University, she has truly impacted change as an academic and practitioner. Dr. Brown is a former 2009 Write-in Atlanta Mayoral Candidate and owner of 3 companies:
• Tribute LLC, a minority owned government consulting firm
• TB LLC- Tiffany Brown Design House
• Tiffany Brown Holdings Inc.- Consulting firm that have five divisions: entertainment, vending, food, nonprofit management and book publishing
She is also an author of several books: Daily Reflections of Life : A Book of Affirmations for the Ambitious, Prayers of a Faithful Woman and Beware: The Risks to Faith Based organizations regarding political advocacy and corporate sponsorship (October 2014 Release).
In 2010, she was honored as a “Influencer” by BOSS Network. The BOSS Network is a women’s empowerment alliance dedicated to highlighting women and creating opportunities for growth through networking beyond events. BOSS was named among the top 100 websites and one of the top 10 career sites for women in 2010 by
Tiffany is also an avid runner. She completed her third Peachtree Road race and currently training for her third Thanksgiving Half Marathon. Tiffany is also an active member of Cascade United Methodist Church where Rev Marvin Moss is the Senior Pastor. She is also on the Board of Directors of Beauty Recycled Foundation, Cascade Community Services, and active supporter of Operation PROM Atlanta


A warm thanks to Tiffany Brown and her pubblicist, Amber Maloney, for the opportunity to partecipate at the show.

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