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C10faglco5ontinue the Nonsolomodanews collaboration with the Italian model Valentina Zolli that during the Paris Fashion Week has been our eyes on the French capital. Thanks Valentina for this article and beautiful photos and wish to our readers, both Italian and foreign, of course, good read.

Hi, I am Valentina, an Erasmus Italian student and a model too. I have been in Paris for one  month only, and during the Fashion Week, on Sunday October 2  I was happy to obtain an invitation to “Fashion Glam Couture”, a private fashion show at Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel.

I thank Myriam Larriere, Director of “Fashion Glam Couture Magazine”and the artistic director Suna Moya who were really very kind.

We were wellcomed with exquisite courtesy by Laurianne Gagnon Krief  and her hostess staff . There were 6 stunning stylist presenting their new creations: Franca G, who presented some nice
dresses of a classic elegance reinterpreted with strong and contrasting colors full of energy, as black, red, white and blue, (Pics 1-2) Daisy Ingels
creator of Vos Bijoux d’ailleurs”, (Pics 3 – 4) whose gorgeous and super sensual jewels will be soon available for purchasing on the net,

M.Yannick Perron who presented us super sensual black lace transparencies and long cocktail dresses in white, black and shoking pink too, (Pics 7 – 8) Fanja.R from Madagascar for “K-rpediem créations” with her brilliant colors  (Pics 9 – 10) and the brand
Handmade Anggia from Indonesia, with her flowery design and full colours , very elegant and sophisticated. 11 12 After the show we could admire the exposition of the very glamourous bijoux

Terra Bella, worn by the models during the fashion show (Pic 13)  and we were enchanted by the perfumes  “Au pays de la fleur d’Oranger” created by Virginie Roux from “Maison de La Fleur d’Oranger”.

I was deeply impressed by the fairy painting of the young artist M.Nguyen Tay from China, really original and delicate, remembering a bit Marc Chagall (Pics 14 – 15 – 16 – 17) 

The wonderful models had their hair dressed by the hair stylist M.Damien Michel (and his staff of the Espace beauté Charmel Paris) The precious make up were realized by the make up artist Jessica Perisse .
During the show we were delighted listening  to the divine voice of the famous chanteuse Rita Pilato Cleofa

All the Fashion Glamour Couture staff was present, with the famous photographers M.Richard Vinchon, M.Ko Kok, M. Eric Meyss, M. Christophe Chris Morin, M. Georges Alexandre, M. Alain Robert, M. Eric Anvol , M. Olivier Guyot whose stunning creations are visible on the net too.

I was happy to know also the extraordinary and kind media partner M. Sahibazada Ateeq, Director of Pakistan TV and M. Laurent Amar of Stars-Mé

After the show we tasted the paradise « macarons » (Pic 18) by Franck Deville, the most coveted cookie in France, particularly in Paris and I am really fond of it! It was born in Italy, introduced by the chef of Catherine de Medicis in 1533 at the time of her marriage to the Duc d’Orleans who became king of France as Henry II. The term “macaron” has the same origin as that the word “macaroni” — both mean “fine dough”.

A glamourous show with a very sweet ending! Looking for the next!

Yours, Valentina Zolli


Franca G

Daisy Ingels Vos Bijoux d’ailleurs

Dorylis Création Yannick Perron

Fanja.R K-rpediem créationséations-392866347395958/?fref=ts

Handmade Anggia-Indonésie

All the pictures are of Mr. Richard Vinchon ph.
All rights reserved © 2016 – Email:

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